what is a quadrant sheet

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 The quarter-inch sheets or the  1° sheets are further into 16 equal parts. Each part forms a quadrant sheet. They are also called 1-inch sheets. Each part of the one-inch sheet covers an area bounded by ¼ degree or fifteen minutes latitude and fifteen minutes longitude.  These sheets are on a scale of 1:50,000 or 2 cm:1 km .

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Each part is called a quadrant. The meeting point of the two axes is called the origin. By convention, quadrants are named in an anticlockwise direction. Each point is represented by its x-coordinate followed by its y-coordinate. It is written as (x, y)
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In first quadrant, both x and y co-ordinate are positive.

In second quadrant x co-ordinate is negative and y co-ordinate is positive.

In third quadrant both x and y co-ordinate are negative.

In fourth quadrant x co-ordinate is positive and y co-ordinate is negative.
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