What is a rubber sucker how does it work state anyone use of a Rubber sucker

Rubber sucker works due.to air pressure. When a rubber sucker is pressed on a surface , the air inside the sucker is pushed out thus reducing the air pressure inside the sucker. As the air pressure outside the sucker is more it pushes the sucker and keep it sticked to its place
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 Rubber sucker a device used in toys, sunlight blocker - suction cups, suction clamps and various other places where "sticking" is required for temporary period and when you don't want to use glue.
The principle on which Rubber suckers work :
When the sucker is pressed against the surface, it squeeze out the air that is behind it. The atmospheric pressure on the outside of the sucker holds its rim firmly against the smooth surface. As the smooth rim forms an airtight seal with the smooth surface, no air can return and only vacuum is there inside it
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A rubber sucker is a device made of rubber (or plastic ) that sticks firmly to flat and smooth surface on pressing a rubber sucker looks like a concave shaped rubber cup
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rubber sucker looks like a small, concave – shaped rubber cup.A rubber sucker is also called a suction Cup because it sticks to a surface by suction.When we press the rubber sucker on a flat ,smooth, surface , its concave rubber cup gets flattened to a large extent, pushing out most of the air from beneath it.
Taking out oil from a sealed oil can
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The functions and the use of rubber sucker
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