What is a syllable? How many types of syllables are their? with examples

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A syllable is a unit of sound. A syllable is a letter, combination of letters, uttered together, or at a single effort.
There are six types of syllables:- 
  1. closed syllable - It has a single vowel and ends with a consonant. Eg: Bat, Plant
  2. open syllable - It ends with a single vowel. The vowel has a long sound. Eg :- Hero, She 
  3. E syllables - It ends with a consonant and silent 'E'. Eg : - Life, Bone
  4. Vowel Teams syllables - Contains two vowels that make one sound. Eg:- Boat, Glue
  5. R-controlled syllables - Here, the letter r follows the vowel. Eg: Car, Fur
  6. Consonant LE syllables - Contains a consonant followed by 'le'. Eg: Uncle, Bubble


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