what  is abiotic and biotic  with  example

Biotic The lliving things such as plants and animals,in a habitat are its biotic components.

Abiotic-Various non-living things such as rock,soil,etc,in a habitat are its abiotic components.

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The living things such as plants,animals etc. are called biotic components.

The non living things such as rock,soil,water and air etc are called abiotic components.

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  • Biotic components refer to all the living organisms of an environment. E.g.- Plants, Animals etc.
  • Abiotic components constitute all the non-living things of the environment. E.g.- Soil, Water etc.
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The living things like plants and animals in a habitat are its biotic components eg:- plants and animals

The non- living things like rocks, soil , water and air in a habitat constitute its abiotic components .Sunlight and heat form the abiotic components of the habitat

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