what  is  abstract  noun?give  example

Abstract Nouns are nouns which describe a quality, idea, thought, expression or any other state of being. They are immaterial, the things which cannot be seen or touched but only felt. Instances are childhood, justice, anger, etc.

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don_key ..ye bhi nai pata ??

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We all communicate with abstraction at times.  Though abstract nouns don’t convey things we can experience with our senses – we can’t feel, touch, see, hear, or taste them – they allow us to express important meaning, nonetheless.

eg: love truth courage freedom etc..

hope this helps.. ;)

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  • the noun which does n't convey things but it mainly defines experience with our sences .
  • eg;
  1. i like my mom .
  2. i love my naughty sister
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which is in invisible any which can be expressed but cannot be seen is abstract noun.

for eg; mahatma gandhi was a honest person

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