What is Abstract Noun

What is Abstract Noun Q' 1. Fill in with Nouns formed from the in br NO can make progress unless there Nowadays almost all politicians cmg b) c) d) g) h) i) j) k) Don 't show your A poor man cannot get There is no Mughal is for Its Gandhiji was known for his _ I know you are Cwtning. (ignon:) world. (just' good health _ (happy) i fun (truthful) is the best period oflife. (child) I am sorry. β€’Ihere is no at present (vacant) was given to those who broke the rule. (punish) J have received an for the New Year Party. (invite) of the rope? (long)

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Abstract nouns are the nouns which we cannot see or touch. They have no physical existence. For example - beauty, death, joy etc.

Here are the answers for the first five sentences. You can try the remaining on your own.

a. unity
b. protection
c. ignorance
d. justice
e. happiness

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