What is activated sludge ? Why it's dried ?

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Activated Sludge: After the BOD of sewage or waste water is reduced significantly, the effluent is passed into a settling tank where the bacterial ‘flocs’ are allowed to sediment. This sediment is called activated sludge. The activated sludge is dried as it is rich in bacterial flocs. Small portion of this activated sludge is pumped into the aeration tank where it serves the purpose of inoculum by helping in sedimentation of the bacteria in the sewage.

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Activated sludge is the sewage which had undergone the process of aeration( the process in which aerobic or anaerobic bacteria break down or consume unwanted things like soap,etc)  Activated sludge is dried with the help of machines or sand drying beds. The dried sludge contains nutrients which are essential for the soil and the growth of plants. This dried sludge is given to the soil as manure or natural and non-toxic fertilizer.....
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