what is activated sludge?

Activated Sludge: After the BOD of sewage or waste water is reduced significantly, the effluent is passed into a settling tank where the bacterial ‘flocs’ are allowed to sediment. This sediment is called activated sludge. A small part of the activated sludge is pumped back into the aeration tank to serve as the inoculum. The remaining major part of the sludge is pumped into large tanks called anaerobic sludge digesters.

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The removal of toxic wastes like urea etc from our body is called excretion.

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I am so sorry,I was going to give this answer to the question above.Anyways,this is the answer:

During aeration,aerobic bacteria (bacteria which need oxygen for survival) consumes human and animal wastes and settles down at the bottom of the tank as activated sludge.

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Activated sludge is a process of treating sewage and industrial wastewaters using air and a biological floc composed of bacteria and protozoa.....

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