what is active voice

In English grammar, voice of a verb describes the relationship between the action that the verb conveys and the direct object or the subject.
Now let us go through the concept of active voice:
A verb is in active voice when the subject used in the sentence is the main doer of the action taking place. Here, the action of the verb is linear or straightforward.
For instance:
1.  She was cooking rice;
2.  The teacher was teaching the students of Grade-XI;
3.  He lied to me;
4.  They bought a huge house.

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Active Voice

Subject (doer of the action+ Verb (action+ Object (receiver of the action)

If the subject is the doer of the action (i.e., the subject is active), then the verb is in the active voice. This voice is used when the doer of the action is to be emphasised.

For example:

Pankaj found the treasure.

Here, ‘Pankaj’ is the subject, while ‘the treasure’ is the object. The doer of the action (‘to find’) is the subject. Hence, the verb is used in the active voice.

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