what is adjective?

Adjectives are simply descriptive words or words which describe a quality, condition, etc. of a noun. Instances of adjectives are large, cute, nice, intelligent, simple, fine, easy, etc. Hope this explanation helped you understand the meaning of adjectives.

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word which describes a noun is called as an adjective.

eg.mighty mountains

here, the word mighty describes the noun{mountains} so it is an adjective.

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any word that describes a noun  is  called an adjective  ,,... for example  a tall man(here tall is the adjective and man is the noun)  example 2) a cosmopolitan  city ( cosmopolitan is the adjective and city is the noun)  example 3 )  a rude behaviour  (rude is the adjective  and behaviour is the noun)  example 4)a   narrow river  ( here river is the noun and narrow is the adjective )

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a adjective means to qualify the noun...eg.a beautiful rose

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the word which qualifies the noun

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