What is Allen's rule ???

what is the full form of CAM ??

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Mammals found in colder regions have reduced limbs and ears as to reducethe heat loss through these exposed boby parts.

This adaptation is called Allen'srule

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Crassulacean acid metabolism

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 Allen's rule is a biological rule posited by Joel Asaph Allen in 1877. It states that endotherms from colder climates usually have shorter limbs (or appendages) than the equivalent animals from warmer climates.

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allen rule states that organism having smaller limbs has larger surface area due to which the heat of the body escape out <more the surface area mor will be the heat loss>  therefore they r rarely found in cold regionsexample kangroo rat are found in deserts due to large Surface area they profuse heat easily!!........:)

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Allen's Rule: Extremities (legs, ears, tail and mouth) of warm blooded animals become smaller in colder areas as compared to animals of warmer areas.

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