what is alternate cropping?

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Alternate cropping is a type of cropping patterns in order to get maximum yield.

This involves growing two or more crops at the same time on the same field in definite pattern. A few rows of one crop are usually grown alternate with a few rows of a second crop.

For example, alternate cropping of cowpea and bajara or alternate cropping of maize and soyabean.

The crops with different nutrient requirements are usually selected for this type of cropping.  This make sure maximum consumption of the nutrients supplied.

As two crops are grown alternate, this prevents pests and diseases from spreading to same kind of crop belong in a field. Thus, both crops give better yield.   


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Alternative Crops & Cropping Systems. Crop diversity is a key tenet of sustainable agriculture. Having multiple crops that fill distinct niches in an agro ecosystem improves the ability to manage weeds, diseases and insect pests as well as potentially improving the environmental performance of the cropping system.
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