What is an ecosystem explain by taking forest an example.   

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Ecosystem is a self sustaining system where the biotic and abiotic organisms of various community interact with each other. Ponds, forests, grasslands, etc. are a few examples of ecosystems.
Forest ecosystem is a major unit of the terrestrial ecosystem. These are dominated by trees growing at minimum of 2m height together with native wildlife species (living components of ecosystem). Non-living components like water, soil and air interact with the living components. 

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Forest ecosystems are defined by a "salient" or common set of characteristics that make the forest ecology of a particular area unique. These very complex sets of forest conditions are studied by forest ecologists who try to isolate and classify the common structural patterns that continually reoccur in a particular forest's environment.

The perfect forest ecosystem is where simpler biotic communities live in the same approximate space with increasingly more complex biotic communities to each communities benefit.

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