what is animal cloning and its steps?

Animal Cloning is the process by which an entire animal is reproduced from a single cell taken from the parent animal and in a genetically identical manner. The cloned animal is an duplicate copy of its parent and has the same exact DNA. 

The basic idea behind reproductive cloning of animals is to transfer the ready-made DNA (Deoxy Ribose Nuclei Acid - the genetic material  into an egg and create an identical organism. the process of cloning is also called 'somatic cell nuclear transfer'. 

Steps of clonning:

1. Nucleus Transfer: The first step is the transfer of genetic information DNA in the form of Nucleus from a cell of the animal to be cloned, to an egg in which nucleus has been removed.

2. Stimulate Cell Division: Now the  egg is stimulated to divide by treatment with some chemicals or electric current.

3. Embryo Transplant in Host: With stimulation, the 'asexually' produced zygote starts dividing into a multi cellular embryo. When this embryo is sufficiently developed,it is transfered ino the uterus of a female host, who acts as its surrogate mother. The rest of the development of the embryo takes place as the normal animal.

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