what is anne franks response and general mood while she is in the secret annexe in amsterdam?describe the various break ins in the annexe,how is anne affected by them

Anne Frank's courage and determination in the face of adversities and under life-threatening circumstances is not only admirable but inspiring. Her story has remained a testament to the enduring spirit of human beings. Anne was a thirteen year old girl who hid with her family in a warehouse for two years in Amsterdam in order to escape incarceration from the Nazis. Living in a household of eight members in the secret annex,Anne becomes an acute observer of the interpersonal relationships between the people and an insightful take on life in general. We see the playful,rebellious,petulant child blossoming into the mature,observant and intelligent young woman in the pages of her diary conveyed through alternating candour and sincerity. She is different from the rest of the women in her family, she learns to differentiate between adolescent infatuation for Peter Schiff and a maturer relationship that she shares with Peter van Daan. She sees her world crumbling to dust but even then she promises to hold on to what she believes in that this chaos and confusion will come to an end and the world will change for the better. She empathises with those who could not escape the clutches of the Nazi, she is haunted by them but she still holds on to hope. Anne was looked upon as being a boy-crazy flirt, a smart aleck and a reader of romances who takes it easy in life but there was another side to Anne,the quiet, reflective and contemplative side which gains precedence as she grows up.She takes her hiding episode as a big adventure and refrains from complaining about the hardships because that way it would be insufferably boring. Such remarkable spirit is worth applause,she holds on to her cheerful disposition even through such trying times. Her hope for the future is what gives her an infectious charm. Anne comes to realize that there are many facets to her personality and she is the sum of all those parts. Her growth is marked by the fact that we can trace the change of her personality through her opinions and views on other people, she constantly re-evaluates and scrutinizes her own actions. She is a keen learner, of books and life.


The two early attempts of the burglars were reiterated how vulnerable their situation was, they could be inadvertently discovered during the burglaries. The first attempt was carried out when the Frank family were sitting together when suddenly Peter burst forth with the news of the attempted break-in,a barrel falling over in the warehouse and someone trying the door from outside. It had an unnerving effect on the members because they were helpless,they could not stop the burglary from taking place without disclosing their location. As Mr Frank and Peter went down to investigate,the rest of the household waited in absolute silence with bated breath. The drained faces of the men was expressive of the tension that they had been under,lying in wait for the burglars under the staircase but nothing had happened. It was then that they heard doors banging and assembled in the van Daans' room. But eventually they realized the burglary had been aborted,possibly due to the fact that the burglars were alarmed by footsteps in a quiet building that was supposed to have been abandoned at this time. Everyone's stomach was churning from tension because the burglars had put their lives in jeopardy.

The second break-in was far more daring. When Peter went down in the morning at seven he noticed that both the warehouse door and street doors were open. This was an immediate signal to issue orders for others to create minimum noise as is possible.The families were on tenterhooks until Mr Kleiman finally came up to reveal that the burglars had forced themselves in but when they did not find anything worth stealing they left. However,they did steal two cashboxes containing 40 guilders,blank checkbooks and coupons worth 330 pounds of sugar,the entire allotment for the annex household. This attempt and the earlier one six weeks ago seemed to indicate that they had been carried out by the same gang.This was cause for concern because these burglaries could draw the attention of the authorities and jeopardise the safety of the families in the secret annex. The burglaries had a jarring effect on all the annex members including Anne because it would jolt them suddenly and make them more anxious about their safety. 

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