What is anticlinal division related to Tunica Corpus theory.

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Tunica corpus theory states that there are two zones in the shoot apex i.e Tunica and Corpus. Tunica is the single outermost layer which forms epidermis. It shows anticlinal division and causes surface growth. The cells of tunica is smaller than the cells of corpus.
Anticlinal division is a type of cell division that occurs at right angles to the layer of cells.
Cells present below tunica are the cells of corpus which shows growth in all direction and helps in increase of volume. The cells of corpus is bigger than the cells of tunica. Corpus forms ground tissue and vascular tissue.
  • The remaining cells of the shoot apical meristem after elongation of stem and leaves forms axillary buds which forms flowers.
  • At the tip of the root, root apical meristem is found while shoot apical meristem is found at the farthest position of stem axis.

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