What is atmosphere? Name its different layers.

Atmosphere is a covering of various gasses that surrounds the plant to a depth of 1000km, or about 600 miles. Without these gases to create an atmosphere, no life would exist and there would be no weather. We would just be another lifeless planet in existence. Scientist have divided the atmosphere into five separate layers – the exosphere, the thermosphere, the mesosphere, the stratosphere and the troposphere. The troposphere is the nearest layer to the surface of the earth and is the only part of the atmosphere where weather happens.
If you look at a 
photo of the earth taken from a satellite in space you can see the weather systems clearly moving around the atmosphere. The height of the troposphere varies between different areas of the earth. At 
the equator for example, it stretches to about 20KM, or 12 miles above the surface. At the poles, the layer reaches a height of about 10KM or about six miles.

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