What is BamH1??? For what is it used?

Bam HI is a type of restriction endonuclease II that recognizes the short sequences of DNA and cleaves them specifically at a target site.

BAM HI, in its dimer form, recognizes and cleaves the DNA palindromic sequence GGATCC in the presence of Mg2+ generating a 4 base 5' extensions. 

Lets take the example of the following DNA sequence.

Bam HI acts on the above DNA sequence and cuts it into 2 fragments as shown below


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BamHI (from Bacillus amyloli) is a type II restriction endonuclease, having the capacity for recognizing short sequences (6 b.p.) of DNA and specifically cleaving them at a target site. This exhibit focuses on the structure-function relations of BamHI as described by Newman, et al. (1995)

Each BamHI subunit makes the majority of its backbone contacts with the phosphates of a DNA half site but base pair contacts are made between each BamHI subunit and nitrogenous bases in the major groove of the opposite DNA half site.

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