what is catenation?

Catenation is the self linking property of an element by which an atom combines with the other atoms of the same element to form long chains and cyclic structures. C is the best example of this phenomenon. 

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it is a self linking property of carbon. i.e. carbon forms bonds with another carbon atoms or other atoms creating a long chain of atoms, this is called catenatipon

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Catenation is the ability of a chemical element to form a long chain-like structure via a series of covalent bonds. Catenation occurs most readily in carbon, which forms covalent bonds with other carbon atoms.

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sorry, it is CATENATION

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Catenation is the linkage of atoms of the same element into longer chains.

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Catenation may be defined as self linking property of an atom to form large giant structure. Carbon possesses highest catenation property due to which organic compound exists in nature. For example diamond, graphite, etc.

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