What is cephalization? ( plz.... in easy language )

In the simplest sense, cephalization means having a head. In fact, the term originates from the Greek word for head, kephale. But there's a little more to it than that. Think about how important your head is and what it contains. Internally, it holds your brain, and externally, it has your primary sense organs (your eyes, nose, ears, and mouth). This is the real essence of cephalization, the concentration of nervous tissue into a single, controlling organ and the organization of sense organs into one area at the anterior (head) end of the body as opposed to the posterior (tail end.)
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in bookis language
 cephalization is the concentration of sense organs, nervous control, etc., at the anterior end of the body, forming a head and brain, both during evolution and in the course of an embryo's development.
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According to Zoology,Cephalization means:-a tendency in the development of animals to localization of important organs or parts in or near the head.
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its correct
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Cephalization is nothing but the formation of complex nervous system result in the formation of complex organism.
Eg:human beings.
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A tendency in the evolution of organisms to concentrate the sensory and neural organs in an anterior head is called cephalization   Cephalization is the differentiation of the anterior (front) end of an organism into a definite head. Considered an evolutionary advance, cephalization is accompanied by a concentration of nervous tissue (cephalic ganglion or brain) and feeding mechanisms in the head region that serves to integrate the activities of the nervous system. Some groups of organisms show full cephalization, but because their bodies are not divided into distinct trunks and heads, they cannot be said to possess a distinct anatomical head.
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