what is conjunction?

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Conjuctions are words that joins two words, phrases or sentences. There are two types of conjuctions:
Coordinating conjuctions. Eg: and, but
Corelative conjuctions. Eg: neither....nor
Eg of coordinating conjuctions:
I am your friend and you are my friend.

( given question:
I am your friend. You are my friend )

Eg of correlative conjuctions.
Neither you have finished your work nor he has finished his work.
(Given question:
You have not finished your work. He has not finished his work)

The work of conjuctions can be remembered with the word ' junction ' which appears at the end of the word conjuction. ( add the letter j in the middle)
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Conjunctions are words used to join phrases and sentences.
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Conjunction are words which are use to join phrases, clauses and sentences.
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Conjuctions are words that joins to sentence.
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The words like but,because,etc. The se are conjution words
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Conjunction is the word which joint two sentences. Ex and, or, in, under, extra.
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Words that helps to join 2 sentences called conjunction ????
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Conjunction are words that join sentence using phrases or words
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