what is covalentbonds

chemical combination of two molecules by sharing pair of electrons is known as covalent bonds.
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A covalent bond is a CHEMICAL BOND formed by the SHARING of ELECTRONS between two atoms. ONE  shared pair of electron constitutes 1 covalent bond. An atom can form one or many covalent bonds. an atom can bond covalently with similar atoms or dissimilar atoms. The sharing of electrons takes place in such a manner that each resulting atom gets stable inert gas configuration. Non metals usually have 5,6 or 7 electrons in the outermost orbit so it can form 3, 2 and 1 covalent bond RESPECTIVELY. Ex HCL is achieved by one covalent bond between H and CL. Covalent compounds have low melting and low boiling points and usually do not conduct electricity

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Sharing of pair electron
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