What is d 6 main difference between C3 n C4 cycle??

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   C3 Plants  C4 Plants
1 These plants lack bundle sheath cells, only mesophyll cells are present.  These plants have two types of photosynthetic cells - mesophyll & bundle sheath cells.
2 Same type of chloroplasts are present. These have dimorphic chloroplasts.
3 Primary acceptor of CO2 is 5 carbon compound i.e- Ribulose-1,5 bi phosphate. Primary acceptor of CO2 is phosphoenol pyruvate.
4 First stable compound is 3 carbon molecule (3-phosphoglycerate)  First stable compound is 4 carbon  molecule. (Oxaloacetic acid)
5 Photorespiration occurs. Photorespiration does not occur.

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sry..... What r d 6 main difference between C3 n C4 pathway??

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in c3 pathway co2 fixation happens one time. and in c4 pathway co2 fixation happens once in mesophlly cell n then secondly in bundle sheath.

the first product of co2 z PGA (c3 compound)  d frst product in c4 z oxaloacetic.

c3 pathway requires 18 atp molecules to synthises one mole of glucose.  wheras c4 pathway requires  30 atp.

in c3 co2 compensation point is 100ppm. and in c4 compensation point is 10 ppm.

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