what is dams? write two main advantages and two ill-effect of constructing a big dam.

dams are projects  on river to use the river water for many puposes like hydro electricity


  • produces large percentage of energy requirements for domestic nd industrial purposes.
  • it is suppied to the farmers for crop irrigation


  • displaces local people
  • the construction of dams leads to deforestation
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ill effects:social problems bcoz they displace a large num of people without adequate compensation.

economic problems bcoz they swallow huge amounts of money.

advantages:help store water for future needs

hydroelectricity is produced

dams are barriers tat are build to store water.plz rate it if it helpz

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 Advantages- helps in irrigation, hydroelecticity

2. disadvantages - causes loss of biodiversity, 

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What is air?

What is water?

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