What is Debit and Credit?

Debit and Credit are no more than just the two sides of an acount as mentioned in the above reply by a student.


Debit:Left side of account

Credit: Right side of an account


This is the one and only meaning of these terms in accounting.



For properly recording transactions and events, you should understand the rules of debit and credit. These rules guides us in deciding at which side of an account (i.e. left or right) we should enter an aspect of a transaction.

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 They are as fundamental to accounting as addition (+) and subtraction (−) are to mathematics. It would not be appropriate to apply this mathematical analogy in all cases as it would give a distorted meaning. Thus, it would not be appropriate to consider debit to be an equivalent of addition and credit to be an equivalent of subtraction.

An element (account) that is effected by an accounting transaction is either debited or credited (with an amount that is reflected in the transaction) depending on the nature of the account and the rule applicable to it.

This transaction would result in
Furniture a/c being debited by an amount of Rs. 10,000 and
Cash a/c being credited by a similar amount.
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Garam Pani Chaiye Toh Chalao Geaser,

Garam Pani Chaiye Toh Chalao Geaser,

Debit the Giver, Credit the Receiver.... :p :D

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 when we received amount that will be Debit,.........

when we do any payment that will be Credit

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Yes you are writr.

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debiting is receiving at most cases and crediting is giving at most cases......tats it simple

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when something comes in i.e. comes to that person whose books are to be prepared then it is debit and when smthnggoes out ,it is credit.... There are certain rules regarding debit and credit to make the books easily , which are:-

Debit what comes in , Credit what goes out....

Debit the reciever , Credit the giver....

Debit all assets  , Credit all liabilities....

Debit all expenses and losses, and credit all incomes and gains of the concern............

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we use the term debit and credit in accounts for the transactions in the business.

term debit is used on the left hand side and the term credit is used in the right hand side.

Debit side shows the balance of all expenses and loses while term credit showing the balance of all income and gains.

All the accounts are right.Real,Personal and nominal.

in real account we give the money and receiving some thing on the spot.That is why not too much effect no profit no loss.

as per personal account :- the term used in the credit may be there is a loss or gain so we cant estimate.

as per nominal acccount :- all loses and expenses are debit and all income and profit are debit.

If the final account shows that credit balance this mean that organisation earning the profit debit side shoes the loss balance.

may be this will help u to understand the term debit and credit.

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DEBIT= Whats comes in?CREDIT= What goes out?



CR.=THE GIVER(Eg ram purchased goods from shyam, here shyam is giveR and RAM IS receiver. therefore journal entrry will be Ram...... dr.

To, Syam.




"DEBIT CREDIT NEVER CHANGES" Remember this line.

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