What is diabetics mellitus and diabetics incepidus??

Diabetes mellitus & Diabates insipdus have one thing in common -  word " diabetes"' else they are completely different from each other.

  Diadetes insipidus, (DI):-

  • In this disease, kidneys loses the water retaining capacity which results in the excessive loss of water.
  • It is controlled by Anti diuretic hormone Vasopressin.  In this patient's body become incapable of responding or identifying this hormone.
  • DI patients suffer from  excessive urination, thirst, vomitting, fever etc.

  Diabetes mellitus, (DM).

  • In this disease, sugar level  in blood increases.
  • Blood -sugar level is controlled by insulin, produced by pancreas. If the amount of insulin in blood falls, Patient suffers from DM
  • Patient having  DM suffers from excessive urination, fatigue & thirst.

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diabetics mellitus is caused due to excess of sugar in blood& less secretion of insulin

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