What is dicliny

dicliny is a condition in which the male and female reproductive parts of flowers in plants ( i.e. anthers and stamens ) are present on different flowers .
and such flowers are called unisexual flowers .and as a result , they will not be able to self pollinate .
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When male and female parts are present on different flowers of same plant to prevent self polination
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Dicliny means unisexuality it is of two types. Monecious dicliny- ex curbita, maize. Stamens and pistils are present on different flowers but on same plant. This prevents autogamy but not geitenogamy and xenogamy. Diecious dicliny- ex papaya, borasus. Male flowers and female flowers are present on two different plants this condition prevents autogamy gietenogamy but encourages xenogamy.
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