what is difference between karta and karm

कर्तृवाच्य का अर्थ है जहाँ कर्ता की प्रधानता हो और कर्मवाच्य का अर्थ है जहाँ कर्म की प्रधानता होः जैसे- कविता खाना खाएगी। (कृर्तवाच्य) , ऋचा से गाना गया जाता है। (कर्मवाच्य)

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  • There is big deterrence between Karma and Kama. Karma means work - deeds that we do, both good and bad. In Hinduism the effects of a person's actions that determine their fate in this life and the
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    next incarnation is also called Karma.In Hinduism, Kama is regarded as the third of the four goals of life (purusharthas, the others being duty (dharma), worldly status (artha) and salvation (moksha).thumbs up please

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