what is difference between polyculture and composite fish culture

Polyculture :

Polyculture is agriculture using multiple crops in the same space, in imitation of the diversity of natural ecosystems, and avoiding large stands of single crops, or monoculture. It includes multi-cropping,  intercropping,  companion planting,  beneficial weeds , andalley cropping. It is the raising at the same time and place of more than one species of plant or animal. It reduced susceptibility to disease and increase local diversity.

Composite fish culture :
 In this system both local and imported fish species, a combination of five or six fish species is used in a single fish pond. These species are selected so that they do not compete for food among them having different types of food habitats. As a result, the food available in all the parts of the pond is used.​

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Nope, I strongly feel that both are same. It is given in Class IX 'PS Verma' Biology book. Thumbs Up if u agree!
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Polyculture or mixed fish farming or composite fish culture is the culture of fast growing compatible species of fishes of different feeding habits (or different weight classes of the same species) in the same pond so as to utilise the various available ecological niches in order to obtain high production per hactare ...
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