What is direct and indirect object?

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Direct object - A direct object receives the action of the subject. They answer the question 'what?' or 'who?' in the sentence.
Eg: He hit the ball. Here, the hitting action of the subject is received by the ball. Therefore, 'ball' is the direct object. In other words, What did he hit?
The answer is the ball. So, 'ball' is the object.  

Indirect object - They are usually the thing/ person for whom the action is performed. They are the recipients of the direct object. They cannot appear in a sentence without direct objects. They answer the question 'for whom?' or 'to whom?' in a sentence.
Eg: He gave me the ball.
Direct object - ball ( What did he give? ball)
Indirect object - me ( To whom did he give the ball to ? me). Here, 'me' is the recipient of the direct object i.e the ball.


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