What is Drug abuse?

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Causes of alcohol/ Drug Abuse
  • Alcohol / drug abuse normally starts in adolescence (period between 12-18 yrs − transition phase between childhood and adulthood).
  • Many adolescents are motivated towards drugs/ alcohol due to curiosity and experimentation.
  • Peer pressure, academic stress, unstable family structure further incline youth towards alcohol/ drug abuse.
  • Perception of consuming alcohol / drug being cool and progressive and use of alcohol/drug in television, movies, etc. further promote this habit.
Alcohol/ Drug Addiction
  • When a person uses alcohol/ drug repeatedly, he becomes addicted.
  • Addiction refers to psychological attachment to certain effects such as euphoria and temporary feeling of well-being associated with use of alcohol or drugs.
  • In addiction, tolerance level of receptors present in our body increases towards the drug.
  • This drives the person to use them even when they are not required or when they tend to harm his health / family life.
  • Subsequently, the user runs into a vicious circle of addiction and subsequent dependence.
  • Dependence leads to manifestation of withdrawal syndrome on discontinuation of use.
  • Withdrawal syndrome − Anxiety, nausea, sweating, shakiness, and sometimes may be lethal
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