What is Factual Description ? what is its format of writing ?

A factual description is a description about a place, person or object, written on the basis of the points provided.

Format: title on top followed by regular parahs

Format for Factual descriptions

Some value points to be added are:

PERSON based

  • Physical attributes
  • Intellectual and emotional qualities
  • Others’ perception about him/her
  • Any other relevant trait of him/her by use of an incident

PLACE based

  • Location
  • Dimensions
  • Special features about the place

OBJECT based

  • Physical description (colour, design, material used, etc)
  • Utility value
  • Special features about the object

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Main point is that a factual description is to describe someone one or something
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How to start up with a speech and what is the format of it.
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Example for factual discription

The following is an example of an object based factual description.


A washing machine is a convenient appliance that is used for washing clothes. The automatic washing machine has a central drum that is used for holding the clothes. There is a dispensing tray, where the detergent and additives can be put in. The control panel has knobs which control the temperature and allow users to select different modes of operation. The drum also helps to dry clothes by spinning like a centrifuge machine.

A washing machine is usually made of metal parts but some of them are reinforced plastic. They may be front opening or top loading.

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factual desc.  means do not personalise reported speech like do not use I or we
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A?Factual Description?is a writing task that describes a person, place, thing or explains a process in a matter-of-fact way. It is systematic and logical. ... This is true for any?descriptionrelating to a person, place, thing or even a process.
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