what is first,second and third person???????

first person means u urself -

second person means to whom u r telling

third person means some one else not the two of u

1st person = i

2nd person = you

third person = they , he , she , it

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First person is the speaker of the narrative. The pronouns used to denote the first person is I, me, we, us etc.

Second Person is the listener of the narrative. It is generally denoted by using the pronoun you

Third person is someone who is being spoken about other than the speaker and the listener. It is denoted by the pronouns he, she, it , they etc.

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first person is the speaker of the narration ..second person is the one who listen it and third person is the one about whom we are talking..
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the?first person?point of view, one of the story's characters serves as a narrator and readers watch the story unfold through that character's eyes.The?second person?point of view is relatively rare because it makes the reader a character in the story and directly addresses the reader as 'you.In the?third person?point of view, the narrator is someone outside the story, who frequently uses pronouns, like 'he,' 'she,' and 'they,' to describe the characters.?
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First person-I, second person- you, third person- she , he , they, it.
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You me him her it
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