what is flora manuals, monographs and catalogues

Flora, manuals, monographs and catalogues are some other means

of recording descriptions. They also help in correct identification. Flora

contains the actual account of habitat and distribution of plants of a

given area. These provide the index to the plant species found in a

particular area. Manuals are useful in providing information for

identification of names of species found in an area. Monographs contain

information on any one taxon.

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Flora refers to all the plant species present in a particular geographical area.

Manuals are books containing the information about all the organisms of a particular kingdom identified so far and they help in identifying a particular species discovered newly.

Monograph is book or journal containing information about a particular taxon such as a book containing all the known species in a particular genus or al the known genera in a given family etc.

Catalogues contain information about a studied organism or genera or family.

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What is monograph flora catalogue manual
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What is epithet
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Epithet is one component in binomial nomenclature & other component is genus or generic name.
For example Mangifera indica, In this indica represents species(means mango is from india ).
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As the name suggest that?flora manuals,monographs and catalogues?contain the various information about plant. EXPLANATION: Thesecatalogues?are compilation of plant information including the huge classification based on names and classification.
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