What is Fragmentation? Name a multicellular organism which reproduces by this method .
Differentiatie Between Fission and Fragmentation

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Fragmentation is a type of asexual reproduction. In this type of reproduction, an organism’s body is broken down into parts or fragments that grow into new full organisms of exactly similar type.
It is found in multicellular organisms such as algae, fungi, animals, higher plants, etc.  Spirogyra ( green algae) is a famous example of algae showing fragmentation. In the case of fungi, Rhizopus is a common example. Animals like sponges, flatworms, some annelid worms and sea stars are examples of animals showing fragmentation.  

Fission Fragmentation
Fission occurs in unicellular organisms. Fragmentation occurs in simple multicellular organisms.
It is a simple mitotic division. It is breaking off of a part of an organism.
It is found in organisms of Kingdom Protista and Monera. It is found in some helminths.

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