What is function of ethylene.

Ethylene is synthesized in ripening fruits, fruits, flowers, leaves and even roots and acts as a natural plant growth hormone.

Physiological effects of Ethylene:

  • It shows inhibitory effect on growth.
  • Ehylene is responsible for positive geotrophic bending of roots
  • It inhibits growth of lateral buds
  • It stimulates fruit growth and ripening
  • It stimulates abscission (formation of separation layer)
  • Ethylene induces flowering
  • It stimulates rooting
  • It is responsible for breaking of  dormancy of seeds and buds
  • It promotes yellowing of leaves
  • It helps to determine the sex of monoecious flowers.
  • It controls leaf bending.
  • Ethylene release inhibits auxin synthesis and transport.

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functions Such as:


  • Stimulates the release of dormancy.
  • Stimulates flower opening.
  • Stimulates flower and leaf senescence.
  • Stimulates shoot and root growth and differentiation
  • Stimulates leaf abscission.
  • May have a role in adventitious root formation.
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