What is function of gibberellines

Rishab is right. I would like to add few more points. 

Some other effects of gibberellins are:

  1. Formation of male flowers on genetically female plants ( cannabis)
  2. Replacement of female flowers with male flowers on monoecious plants ( cucurbits)
  3. Stimulation of pollen germination and pollen tube growth in some species.


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  1. Stimulates stem elongation by stimulating cell division and elongation.
  2. Stimulates bolting/flowering in response to long days.
  3. Breaks seed dormancy in some plants which require stratification or light to induce germination.
  4. Stimulates enzyme production (a-amylase) in germinating cereal grains for mobilization of seed reserves.
  5. Can cause parthenocarpic (seedless) fruit development.
  6. Can delay senescence in leaves and citrus fruits.

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 The gibberellins are phytohormones that help in longitudinal growth of stem. 

The important functions of the gebberellins are as under: 

1. Gibberellins cause stem elongation and leaf expansion. 

2.Gibberellin induces stem elongation in rosette plants by increasing internodal length. This is called bolting. 

3. Gibberellins promote seed germination in cereals etc..

4. Gibberellins break dormancy of buds and tubers etc.
5. Gibberellins cause parthenocarpy in apple, grapes etc.
6. Gibberellins along with auxin, control the growth and development of fruits.
7. Gibberellins control flowering in long day plants.  

8. Gibberellins increase the yield and shape of the fruits like grapes, apples etc. 

9. Gibberellins delay fruit maturity and senescence in fruits that helps them to store for longer time.


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