what is future perfect used for


The future perfect tense is quite an easy tense to understand and use. The future perfect tense talks about the past in the future.

eg: I will have turned 13 by next month.

The above sentence describes what will have happened next month.

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 it is used to express our future

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it is used for the foresee 

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for the future .

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To describe an action or an event in the future preceding another action or event in the future

Future Perfect Simple

I will have left for the airport by the time you come from the meeting.

They will have completed twenty-five years of their married life by the sixth of this month.

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It is used to describe, what is going to be happen or what will happen, (Future)

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to describe the future

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this means the action started at the past and happening at the present and finish at the future.
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