What is galileo law of odd numbers????


Galileo’s law of odd number is distance covered by the free falling object is increased by an odd number in successive time interval. Suppose a body is dropped from some height and it falls under the gravity. Again, suppose that body covers 1 unit of distance in 1 sec then according to this law in next second body  will cover a distance of 3 units and then 5 units and so on….
Time  distance covered in nth second   total distance covered form initial point
1sec           1 unit                                                   1 unit
2sec           3 units                                               1+3=4 units
3sec           5 units                                               4+5=9 units
4sec            7 units                                              9+7= 16 units
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 m not able to understand ...pls help me by am good example with solution

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