what is GDR , ADR , IDR ?

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Indian Depository Receipt:
 is a financial instrument. It is issued  by domestic depository to the Indian citizens against the shares of foreign company. IDR is denominated in Indian rupees. It helps issuing company, i.e. foreign companies to raise capital from Indian securities market.

Global Depository Receipt:
 GDR is issued by a country's bank against the shares of a foreign company which is not traded in their domestic stock exchange. GDR is issued in more than one country. It is a negotiable instrument.

American Depository Receipt:
ADR is a negotiable instrument. It is issued by American Bank against the shares of foreign company that are traded in U.S. Stock market. ADR is denominated in US Dollars. 


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Gdr -Global depository receipt
Adr-American depository receipt
Idr-Indian depository receipt
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