what is general and specific ways for preventing diseases???tel me in short such that it is easy 2 undersatnd!!!!!!

General ways of preventing diseases

The general ways of preventing disease mostly relate to prevention of exposure. Maintaining hygiene and availability of good nutrition are the key elements of these types of preventive measures.

Specific ways of preventing diseases

Specific ways of prevention deals specifically with each type of diseases. Vaccination is the most common element these types of preventive measures.


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General Ways- Removing the generalised symptom of the disease as the degree of the disease is less. It can be done by taking medecine for fever or pain and taking bed rest to conserve energy.

Specific Ways- Removing the microbial cause of the disease by taking special medecines broadly called as antibiotics.

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 general ways- related to prevention of exposure

specific ways-immune system which sends cells to kill disease causing microbes

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