What is greenhouse effect and global warming? Please explain me the difference between greenhouse effect and global warming?

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Thegreenhouse effectis the way the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere hold in the sun's heat and keep the earth warm. The earth's carbon cycle has been keeping this balanced for millions of years.Theenhanced greenhouse effect(or accelerated greenhouse effect) is the warming effect caused by all theextragreenhouse gases put into the atmosphere in the past 200 years by burning fossil fuels. This carbon had been safely stored underground for millions of years.Global warmingis the warming of the earth because of this enhanced greenhouse effect.

Additional information from another perspective:

The Greenhouseeffect is an essential part of the global ecology. Much as a garden greenhouse traps heat in a cool environment, our atmosphere traps heat from our Sun to keep us from freezing every night and vaporizing liquids during the day. Without the greenhouse effect life would not be possible on Earth.Global warmingis a natural process that has occurred at the end of every ice age. As the temperature of the earth has changed, the polar caps have receded and the overall temperature has gone up. There is significant disagreement among some researchers as to whether human activity has significantly affected either the greenhouse affect or global temperature.


The difference is that global warming is theresultof the greenhouse effect..

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