What is groundwater? How can we get water from the groundwater

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The water that is found under the surface of the Earth and is responsible for the presence of water in the wells, tube wells, and springs is called ground water. The porous regions in the soil and gaps in between the rocks are filled with this ground water. Rain water and water from the other water bodies on the surface of the Earth seeps down into the soil and is stored as ground water. 

Rain water and the water from water bodies on earth’s surface pass through the soil by the process of infiltration. The infiltrated water then gets accumulated in the aquifer deep under the ground. There are some layers of impermeable rocks which prevent the water in the aquifer from seeping down further.
Groundwater is the largest source of fresh water on earth which is secretly stored beneath the surface of earth. We use groundwater for irrigation, drinking, municipal uses, factory uses etc. Other supplies of fresh water from rainfall or lakes or springs are highly dependent upon the weather and atmospheric temperature. Rain water cannot be obtained except rainy seasons. The lakes and streams may dry in summers. But ground water is such a source that we can fulfil our requirements throughout the year. Thus we highly depend upon groundwater for our daily necessities.
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