what is haemo lymph .how does it differ from blood

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Haemolymph (hemolymph) is a blood-like fluid in the circulatory system of insects and other Arthropods (spiders and crustaceans).
Human blood has red blood cells in it, which are responsible for taking oxygen and carrying it throughout our bodies. The red blood cells are red because they contain hemoglobin, which is a special protein that actually binds the oxygen.

Insect blood, which is called hemolymph, contains various nutrients, hormones, and other things, but does not have any red blood cells or hemoglobin. That is why it is not red in colour, and instead is rather clear.

Insect blood does sometimes have some very light pigments in it, probably coming from plants that they have eaten, and that is why it sometimes looks yellowish or greenish. When you squash a housefly and see red, that's not actually due to their blood-- it's the result of red pigments from their eyes!

Insects also have an open circulatory system instead of a closed one. This means that they don't have any arteries or veins, and instead their blood just flows more openly throughout their bodies.
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Lymph Colourless fluid Have less protein Takes the fats to small intestine Blood Red in colour Have much protein Takes oxygen to several parts of human body.. Lymph is a colourless fluid involved in transportation and caries digested fat to the small intestine..
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