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what is importance of number system in our day to day life?

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As many get bored of mathematics. First step in making mathematics interesting is to understand the importance of numbers in our daily life.

Why we see mathematics as a rocket science? Because you do not visualize daily usage of numbers or you have not been introduced to mathematics in an interesting way. I am going to enumerate a few usage of numbers in daily life to help visualize. I wish those who hate mathematics will find mathematics more interesting and onwards feel the amazing role of numbers in their daily life.

1. How many brothers and sisters you have? How many ice creams you need to buy?
2. What is your weight, height and age?
3. How far your school is?
4. What is your house number, street number?
5. You have bought items costs $76 and have given shopkeeper $100. How much money shopkeeper need to return you?
6. What temperature is today? How much more or less from yesterday?
7. How many hours you have studied today? How many hours you have devoted today on mathematics?
8. How many days are in a year or month or week? How many days are left in the current year or month or week?
9. How many years your parents are older than you?
10. What is your cell number?
11. What is the IP address of your computer?
12. What is your preferred driving speed? How much time it takes to reach your school from home at this speed?
13. You borrowed/lent $765. What is amount to be paid in each installment of 5 EMIs?
14. According to height your weight should be x kg. But your weight is y kg more. What is your current weight?
15. You have got x,y and z points in three subjects. What is your average points?

Answer to all these and much more questions is a number. Numbers have a particular characteristic. It need to be noticed. For example,

1 x 9 = 09

2 x 9 = 18

3 x 9 = 27

4 x 9 = 36

5 x 9 = 45

6 x 9 = 54

7 x 9 = 63

8 x 9 = 72

9 x 9 = 81

Do you notice any special pattern in this? If NO, then follow,

2 x 9 = 18 -> 1 is “one” less than 2 and 1+8=9.

3 x 9 = 27 -> 2 is “one” less than 3 and 2+7=9.

Verify others as an exercise.


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