What is it that draws Derry towards Mr. Lamb in spite of himself?

Derry was a young boy whose half of the face had been disfigured by acid. His shattered self confidence did not allow him to face the world. As a result, he tried to be only in secluded places. Mr. Lamb did not show any dislike or horror at the way Derry looked, which surprised him. Although Derry wanted to leave the garden the moment he noticed that he was not alone, the old man’s interesting and “peculiar” conversation kept him glued.

Also, Derry noticed that like him, the old man also had a disfigured body part which attracted mockery. Yet, he did not give in and was living his life happily. Mr. Lamb spoke words of encouragement, hope and zest for life, which no one had ever spoken to him. He makes the boy aware of his physical strength and explains the importance of emotional well-being. This realization draws him closer to the old man.

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