What is ëJí meaning ? (pg259 7th line biology ncert)

open into the pharynx. A cartilaginous flap
called epiglottis prevents the entry of food
into the glottis – opening of the wind pipe –
during swallowing. The oesophagus is a
thin, long tube which extends posteriorly
passing through the neck, thorax and
diaphragm and leads to a ‘J’ shaped bag like
structure called stomach. A muscular
sphincter (gastro-oesophageal) regulates the
opening of oesophagus into the stomach.
The stomach, located in the upper left
portion of the abdominal cavity, has three
major parts – a cardiac portion into which....

My frnd, theres no word like eji... 

7th line says ​"leads to a ‘J’ shaped bag like
structure called stomach". Its just describing the structure of stomach..
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