What is JFM? When was it started? What are its limitations?

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a. JFM is a collective endeavour on part of the management, government and local community members to preserve and conserve the environment and involving them in the decision making process
b. JFM was first started in West Bengal in 1980's and a formal resolution with regard to its practise was initiated in Odisha in 1988.
 aims at involving local members in conservation of forest, involving them in decision making. In return, these members are given benefits like share in non timber produce
d. It got recognition in the National forest policy and also in the Joint forest movement  guidelines.
There are certain limitaions identified in JFM:

‚Äči. It has been argued that it has not been able to fully attain its objectives
ii. With regard to non wood forest product, the responsibility of selling lies with the p
rimary forest produce collectors, where by the actual tribal communities suffer
ii. Further trade of which products is handled by the state government which result in lack of fair deal for the forest dependent communities
iv. Further,  the investment involved in JFM is very high , Forest officials are in charge of most of its tasks, depriving the local community members in planning, implementation  t.



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