What is kal baisakhi?

 hot dust winds blowing during days in summer is knon as loo.dis brings some moisture during summer..winds nd heavy torrential rainfall wid thundrstorm nd lightning..dis is knon as kaal baishaki in bengal....

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during summer  season assam and west bengal recive heavy rainfall with thunder and lightning.in there language they said like kalbaisakhi

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 factor affacting india,climate

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during summer season there are winds and heavy rainfall with lots of lightning which is termed as Kal Baisakhi

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 The winds with moisture which are blown in Assam and West Bengal during rains is known as kal Baisakhi

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he localised thunderstorms associated with violent thunderstorms and torrential rainfall in India specially near kerela is termes as kaal baisakhi in west bengal.
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Another name of kalbaisakhi is loo. Which is strong hot.dusty winds occure during the summer season.
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 A striking feature of hot weather season is the loo. These gusty ,hot, dry, wind blowing from north and northwest India.  These storm brings  temporary relief in the weather and also bring some light showers.  This brings cool breeze . This season for localised thunder storms associated with violent wind torrential down pours often accompanied  with hail. In WEST BENGAL , these storm are known  as KAAL BAISKHI.
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Violent wind,torrential downpours often accompanied by hail which are associated with the localised thunderstorms are known as kal baisakhi in West Bengal.
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Thunderstorms called in West Bengal are called kal baishakhi 
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The moisturized winds that blow during the rainy season in Assam and west bengal is termed as kaal baisakhi
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