What is Lyophilic and Lyophobic colloids? 

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Lyophilic colloids: These are liquid loving or liquid soluble colloids ( as Lyo means Liquid and phile means loving). For example. Sols of organic compounds like gelatin, gum, starch, and protein, etc.

They are very prepared by simple easy methods as just by mixing colloids and liquid as they don’t need any stabilizer. Since they are water-loving so they are relatively stable as a strong force of attraction exists between the particles and the liquid. These colloids are highly viscous in nature. They are reversible in nature and have less surface tension than the dispersion medium.

Lyophobic Colloids: These are the liquid-hating colloids as they don’t get hydrated easily or don’t mix with the given solution. They are not easily prepared and an additional stabilizer is required during preparation. As they don’t mix with water so they are relatively less stable and possess almost the same viscosity as in medium.

For ex: As2S3, Fe(OH)3 and Pt-sols etc.


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